Plain-language summaries

Plain-language summaries are short, easy-to-read documents that present findings from evidence syntheses produced by COVID-END alone or in partnership with the SPOR Evidence Alliance.

Plain-language summaries aim to help the public to:

  • easily find the information they need;
  • understand the information; and
  • use the information.

Here are the most recent plain-language summaries produced on COVID-related topics:

  • What is the incidence, associated risk factors, and clinical course of myocarditis and pericarditis following COVID-19 vaccination? (English | French)
  • What is the efficacy and effectiveness of available COVID-19 vaccines for variants of concern? (English | French)
  • What is known about preventing and managing COVID-19, outbreaks of COVID-19 and about supporting renewal in long-term care homes? ( English | French)
  • What is known about anticipated COVID-19 vaccine roll-out elements? (English | French)
  • What do we know from both research and jurisdictional scans about prioritizing vaccination of asymptomatic residents in a long-term care home with an outbreak (English | French)