Equity task group

This task group identifies opportunities for COVID-END to incorporate equity considerations in its work.

Terms of reference

  1. Identify ways to incorporate equity considerations into horizon scanning and the list of priority topics
  2. Identify ways to incorporate and to support incorporating equity-relevant reviews and findings into the COVID-END inventory
  3. Identify ways that working groups can incorporate equity considerations into their work
  4. Identify ways that tools and resources (e.g., Cochrane’s rapid review template) can incorporate equity considerations


  1. Vivian Welch, Campbell Collaboration, Canada (co-chair)
  2. Brenda Allen Kawala, Africa Centre for Systematic reviews and Knowledge Translation, Uganda (co-chair)
  3. Janice Tufte, Citizen partner, USA
  4. Secretariat: Anna Dion, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute | RISE

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