Articles by or about COVID-END

Articles will increasingly be written by and about COVID-END. Below are two published articles – one by the low- and middle-income country (LMIC) based partners involved in COVID-END and two about COVID-END -- and soon we will post a link to another article by COVID-END that is currently in press.

Stewart R, El-Harakeh A, Cherian SA on behalf of the LMIC members of COVID-END. Evidence synthesis communities in low-income and middle-income countries and the COVID-19 response. The Lancet, 20 October 2020. 

  • An article documenting the conceptual and practical challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic presents to evidence-synthesis organizations in LMICs

Grimshaw JM, Tovey DI, Lavis JN on behalf of COVID-END. COVID-END: An international network to better co-ordinate and maximize the impact of the global evidence synthesis and guidance response to COVID-19. Cochrane Library, 11 December 2020.

  • An article documenting the rationale for, activities of and lessons from COVID-END

Brainard J. Researchers face hurdles to evaluate, synthesize COVID-19 evidence at top speed. Science, 8 October 2020.

  • An article documenting challenges identified by COVID-END and solutions to these challenges developed by COVID-END, including its inventory of best evidence syntheses