Citizen partners

COVID-END in Canada is committed to meaningful citizen partnership in responding to the evidence needs of decision-makers. We benefit a great deal from the leadership of Maureen Smith, a highly experienced citizen partner, a COVID-END knowledge user, the lead of COVID-END’s citizen-partnership strategy, and supporter-in-chief of COVID-END’s citizen partners. We also benefit from the input of Francois-Pierre Gauvin, the McMaster Health Forum’s Scientific Lead for Citizen Engagement and Evidence Curation.

We involve citizens as members of our scientific leadership team, our steering committee, our horizon-scanning panel, our evidence-synthesis teams, and our preparation of plain-language summaries for our evidence products.

Twenty-six citizen partners contributed to the CIHR-funded COVID-END in Canada initiative (December 2020 to November 2022).

The valuable contributions made by our COVID-END in Canada citizen partners are outlined in this infographic 

Infographic highlighting the impact of citizens on the work of COVID-END