Clarify the issue or decision to be informed

You may get ideas for an evidence synthesis by reviewing the four-part taxonomy of decisions that will need to be informed by research evidence as the pandemic and pandemic response enter (or re-enter) different phases. The taxonomy is a mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive list of types of decisions related to the COVID-19 pandemic and response and is organized by:

  • public-health measures (infection prevention and control as well as broader measures)
  • clinical management of COVID-19 and related health issues (e.g., unmanaged chronic conditions, mental health issues, and family violence)
  • health-system arrangements (e.g., how to re-start ambulatory clinics, cancer treatments, and elective procedures, how to maintain and build on the gains achieved with virtual care)
  • economic and social responses (e.g., education, financial protection, food safety and security, housing, recreation, and transportation).
It is useful to engage with and involve key stakeholders in order to clarify the research question.

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Resources for researchers considering and conducting COVID-19 evidence syntheses