Definitions and concepts

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a massive increase in evidence synthesis activities, including in the technology-assessment and guideline-development communities. COVID-END has come together to help those already supporting decision-making to find and use the best evidence that is already out there (i.e., to support the evidence-demand side) and to help reduce duplication and better coordinate the evidence syntheses, technology assessments and guidelines being produced (i.e., to support the evidence supply side).

Towards this goal, the COVID-END Recommending Working Group has produced this resource for guideline development, health technology assessment and policy makers to support efficient and evidence-based guideline and health technology assessment development in light of the COVID pandemic. For resources linked to evidence synthesis see the COVID-END synthesis working group resources and tools for researchers considering evidence and conducting evidence synthesis.

Download a PDF of 'Resources and tools for guideline developers, health technology assessment teams and decision makers.'