Working group co-chairs

COVID-END’s seven working groups are chaired or co-chaired by leaders in their respective fields. 

  • Scoping working group
    • Jeremy Grimshaw, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Canada
  • Prioritizing working group
    • Jorge Barreto, FIOCRUZ Brasilia, Brazil
    • Ruth McQuillan, UNCOVER, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Accessing working group
    • Holger Schunemann, Cochrane Canada, Canada
    • Ruth Stewart, Africa Centre for Evidence, South Africa
  • Engaging working group
    • Laurenz Langer, Africa Centre for Evidence, South Africa
    • Maureen Dobbins, National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools, Canada
  • Recommending working group
    • Ivan Florez, AGREE Collaboration, Colombia
    • Per-Olav Vandvik, MAGIC Evidence Ecosystem Foundation, Norway
  • Sustaining working group
    • David Gough, EPPI Centre, UK
    • Elie Akl, SPARK, Lebanon 
  • Advocating working group
    • Sylvia de Haan, Cochrane, U.K.

Three additional working groups are now ‘on stand-by’ and, after a series of important achievements and now much-needed rest, can take on exciting new opportunities to make a difference.

  • Digitizing working group
    • Chris Mavergames, Cochrane, Germany
    • Linn Brandt, MAGICapp, Norway
  • Synthesizing working group
    • David Tovey, UK
    • Taryn Young, Centre for Evidence-based Health Care, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
  • Packaging working group
    • Ben Heaven-Taylor, Evidence Aid, UK

Two task groups contribute in ways that cut across our working groups:

  • Equity task group
    • Vivian Welch, Campbell Collaboration, Canada
    • Brenda Allen Kawala, Africa Centre for Systematic reviews and Knowledge Translation, Uganda
  • Citizen partnership task group
    • Maureen Smith, Canada

Use the interactive flow diagram to find resources for researchers considering and conducting COVID-19 evidence syntheses.

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Resources for researchers considering and conducting COVID-19 evidence syntheses