Interactive flow diagram

Resources for guideline development, health technology assessment and policy makers to support efficient and evidence-based guideline and health technology assessment development in light of the COVID pandemic

This flow diagram highlights key steps (red blocks) in the overarching process (outlined in dark grey) as well as key resources (in light grey). Click on the solid coloured boxes for useful resources.

Supports for guidance developers flow DiagramDefinitions and conceptsWhat is CPG?What is HTA?What is a rapid response?What is a living guideline?How to develop a guidelineEstablish the guideline group/panel and formulate the guidelines or HTA questionsStart by searching for a CPG/HTAStep 1: Question generationAssess CPG/HTA quality and relevanceAdoptAdaptDe novo development – links to Development, adoption and adaptionDe novo development – links to Development, adoption and adaption 2Tools and resourcesSupport developmentSupport reporting and appraisalTechnology/app tools

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