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Clinical management of COVID-19 and pandemic-related health issues


The first draft of the sub-taxonomy focused on clinical management is provided below. We will continue to refine this sub-taxonomy in the coming days based on input already received. Once the second draft has been finalized, please send suggestions for how to improve it further to

Broad decisions Specific decisions  Available options
Clinical treatment of COVID-19
Screening and testing for COVID-19
See public-health measures
Drugs for COVID-19
Anti-virals (specific)
Lopinavir/ritonavir, remdesivir
  Anti-virals (non-specific)
Hydroxychloroquine, nicotine
Inflibimab, sarilumab, tocilizumab (or atlizumab)
  Convalescent plasma
Ventilation for COVID-19
High-flow nasal canula (HFNC), bi-level positive airway pressure (BPAP)
Proning for HFNC, BPAP
Other aspects of critical care for COVID-19
Oxygen, suction, sepsis management
Palliative care under COVID-19 restrictions
Treatment of COVID-19 sequelae
Community-based treatment of COVID-19
Clinical management of pandemic-related impacts on health more generally
Interrupted management of other types of urgent care
Interrupted management or poor self-self management of chronic conditions
Burn-out and trauma in essential workers
Psychosocial support
  Burn-out care
  Trauma-informed care
Mental health and additions issues related to the pandemic response Remote management of existing conditions
  Management of pandemic-related exacerbations of existing conditions
  Management of pandemic-related emergence of conditions
Reproductive care for patients with COVID-19
Antenatal care
  Post-partum care
  Newborn care
  Termination services
Domestic and gender-based violence related to the pandemic response    
Health promotion more generally
Eating healthy food
Avoiding or minimizing unhealth habits like smoking or excessive alcohol intake
Remaining physically active
Staying social connected
Finding trustworthy information