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Economic and social responses


We are in the process of identifying and extracting decision-relevant information about the ‘best evidence syntheses’ for each element of the COVID-END sub-taxonomy focused on economic and social responses. We will continue to add evidence syntheses to this webpage as we complete this work, and we will make adjustments on a bi-weekly basis to which evidence syntheses are profiled, and to the information made available about included reviews, as the evidence base evolves.

Broad and specific decisions Criteria for 'best evidence synthesis' Details to support relevance assessment Additional decision-relevant details Citation
Date of last search Quality (AMSTAR) rating Evidence profile Key findings
Living evidence synthesis              Type of synthesis              Type of question
Children and youth services                
  To be added                
  Community engagement                
  Civil-rights violations                
Climate action                
  Climate-action focused economic stimulus                
  More to be added                
Community and social services                
  Shopping and other services for socially isolated individuals                
  Supports for community resilience                
Culture and gender                
  Stigma reduction                
  Domestic and gender-based violence reduction                
  Arts and cultural institutions                
  Religious institutions and practices                
Economic development and growth                
  Economic resilience                
  Targeted support to most affected industries                
  Interest rate reductions                
  Interest-free or -reduced loans to businesses                
  Revolving credit lines                
  Corporate bond buying (by government)                
  Government bond buying (by central banks)                
  Rent relief for businesses (by government)                
  Debt relief for businesses (by government)                
  Debt relief for governments (e.g., by IMF)                
  Tax deferral for businesses                
  Online instruction                
  Student supports                
  Instructor supports                
  Classroom changes                
  Facility changes                
  Skill re-development programs                
  Worker supports                
  Workplace changes                
  Building changes                
Energy supply                
  To be added                
Environmental conservation                
  Fire bans due to limitations in and risk for fire-fighting personnel                
  More to be added                
Financial protection                
  Income replacement                
  Wage subsidies for essential workers                
  Rent deferral for citizens                
  Debt relief for citizens                
  Tax deferral for citizens                
  Financial-scam prevention                
  Broader consumer protection                
Food safety and security                
  Agricultural processes                
  Food processing plant design                
  Food transportation adjustments                
  Food shopping changes                
  Food handling practicies                
Government services                
  Transitioning to e-services                
  More to be added                
Homeless shelters                
  Homeless shelters                
  Other congregate living environments                
  Housing alternatives when quarantine or physical distancing is needed                
  Broadband internet access                
  Cyber-security protocols for governments and businesses (see financial protection for protecting citizens from financial scams)                
  Green-space re-allocations to accommodate physical distancing                
  Road-space re-allocations to accommodate physical distancing                
Natural resources                
  Price collapses                
  Distribution difficulties                
Public safety and justice                
  Enforcement of public-health measures                
  Public demonstrations                
  Public spaces like parks                
  Private spaces like gyms                
  Public transportation rules                
  Private transportation restrictions