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Resources to support decision-makers


COVID-END’s resources to support decision-makers include:

  1. a guide to key evidence sources (to make the most of what little time decision-makers or their staff have to find evidence to inform a particular decision)
  2. a four-part taxonomy of the decisions that may need to be made as the pandemic and pandemic response enter (or re-enter) different phases (which COVID-END is now using to create inventories of evidence and possibly a searchable database in future)
  3. a rapid-evidence model that can be used or adapted in any country to describe – in a three-hour turn-around time – the evidence that already exists to inform a particular decision (with additional models to be added as COVID-END identifies and documents them)
  4. tips and tools for those supporting decision-makers.

If you only have a few minutes to review these resources, consider starting with the tips and tools and then scanning the guide and then the taxonomy.

Search our guide to key
COVID-19 evidence sources