Canadian spotlights

Canadian spotlights can be accessed below and are shared through many of our dissemination partners. If you want to receive an email containing hyperlinks to our Canadian (and global) spotlights, subscribe here.

Period covered Issue 
First half of May Canadian spotlight 5.1
Second half of April Canadian spotlight 4.2
First half of April Canadian spotlight 4.1
Second half of March Canadian spotlight 3.2 
First half of March Canadian spotlight 3.1
Second half of February Canadian spotlight 2.2 
First half of February Canadian spotlight 2.1 
To end of January (including records from December 1)  Canadian spotlight 1

Canadian spotlights are published twice a month and include:

  • updates to living evidence syntheses and living evidence profiles
  • newly completed rapid syntheses and rapid evidence profiles
  • newly completed responses to requests when existing evidence syntheses and other resources met a need and no new synthesis was required
  • newly taken on questions from decision-makers (for which an evidence product is being prepared).

For each entry in a spotlight (or each row in a spotlight table) we provide:

  • whether it addresses public-health measures, clinical management, health-system arrangements, or economic and social responses (i.e., what part of the COVID-END taxonomy it addresses)
  • hyperlinked title
  • type of product (drawn from the above list)
  • date of last search (and date of publication)
  • evidence-synthesis team that prepared it.

The entries include both work done (or being done) by COVID-END in Canada and work done by any of the 40+ Canadian evidence-syntheses teams that are part of our network.

All new requests from decision-makers are checked against both our inventory of Canadian evidence syntheses (from which these Canadian spotlights are drawn) and our inventory of best evidence syntheses (from which our global spotlights are drawn) to ensure we share and build on already completed work.