Keep current

Canadian decision-makers can keep current about COVID-19 responses with three types of products from COVID-END in Canada: 1) Canadian spotlights; 2) global spotlights; and 3) horizon scans. COVID-19 responses can include the full spectrum of public-health measures, clinical management, health-system arrangements, and economic and social responses. These products are published on this website and shared through our dissemination partners.

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Canadian spotlights are published twice a month and include:

  • updates to living evidence syntheses and living evidence profiles
  • newly completed rapid syntheses and rapid evidence profiles
  • newly completed responses to requests when existing evidence syntheses and other resources met a need and no new synthesis was required
  • newly taken on questions from decision-makers (for which an evidence product is being prepared).

The spotlights include both work done (or being done) by COVID-END in Canada and work done by any of the 40+ Canadian evidence-synthesis teams that are part of our network.

Global spotlights are also published twice a month and include:

  • updates to ‘best’ living evidence syntheses
  • new ‘best’ evidence syntheses.

The spotlights include the best syntheses in the world on COVID-19-related decisions and draw on the COVID-END inventory of best evidence syntheses.

Horizon scans are published once a month and include a:

  • briefing note about emerging issues
  • panel summary about priority issues.

The briefing note is the same one prepared as part of our global horizon-scanning initiative, and the panel summary captures the insights from a Canadian panel that meets immediately. The two documents identify the COVID-19-related issues that decision-makers (and the evidence-synthesis groups that support them) need to pay attention to.