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The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an explosion of activities among all types of researchers, including in the evidence-synthesis, technology-assessment and guideline-development communities. COVID-END has assembled resources for individual researchers and research teams who are involved or who want to become involved in preparing timely, relevant and high-quality evidence syntheses to support decision-making about COVID-19. 

There are many different types of evidence synthesis and the resources provided here focus on: rapid reviews, scoping reviews, systematic reviews (SR), and living SRs. To learn more, see our definitions of key types of evidence synthesis.

Relevant reading:

Akl EA, Haddaway NR, Rada G, Lotfi T. Evidence synthesis 2.0: When systematic, scoping, rapid, living, and overviews of reviews come together. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 2020; 123: 162-165 

Gough D, Thomas J, Oliver S (2019). Clarifying differences between reviews within evidence ecosystems. Systematic Reviews 2019; 8 (1): 170.

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Download a PDF of 'Resources for researchers considering and conducting COVID-19 evidence syntheses'

Resources for researchers considering and conducting COVID-19 evidence syntheses