Citizen partnership task group

This task group identifies opportunities for COVID-END to incorporate meaningful citizen partnership in its work.

Terms of reference

  1. To recruit citizen partners to COVID-END’s partners group and to support their participation in partners meetings
  2. To recruit citizen partners to COVID-END’s horizon-scanning panel and to support their participation in panel meetings
  3. To engage COVID-END citizen partners on a quarterly basis about how they can be better supported in their work
  4. To identify other ways to incorporate citizen partners in COVID-END’s work (e.g., in select working groups)
  5. To identify ways that COVID-END can better reach citizen and patient groups that may benefit from its resources and communicate information about COVID-END citizen partnership (webinars, blogs, other social media posts, outreach to patient and citizen groups, etc.)
  6. To engage with other COVID-END partners and other stakeholders to promote and support citizen engagement in their work


  1. Maureen Smith (chair)
  2. Others to be added
  3. Secretariat: Francois-Pierre Gauvin, McMaster Health Forum and COVID-END Secretariat

Meeting documents

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