Citizen partnership in COVID-END Global

COVID-END Global brought together researchers from the evidence-synthesis, technology-assessment and guideline-development communities, as well as providers, policymakers and other stakeholders from across the world. This included bringing in the voices of citizens to ensure their perspectives were woven in its work.

Citizens made a significant contribution to COVID-END Global by:

  • identifying (and prioritizing) issues to be addressed along the full spectrum of decisions related to the COVID-19 pandemic and response (public-health measures, clinical management, health system arrangements, and social and economic responses)
  • ensuring that new evidence syntheses being conducted address questions and outcomes that are important to them and involve citizens in their work
  • ensuring that the pandemic response will reflect the values and insights of citizens, and also consider equity considerations
  • providing strategic guidance to the work of COVID-END Global.

 There are five ways citizens were engaged in COVID-END Global:

  • the partner steering group, which provided guidance to COVID-END Global
  • the horizon-scanning panel, a global panel to proactively identify long-term, recurring and emergent issues that need to be prioritized in efforts to synthesize the best available research evidence to support decision-making about COVID-19
  • the working groups
  • two task groups that contributed in ways that cut across the working groups:
    • the equity task group identified opportunities for COVID-END to incorporate equity considerations in its work
    • the citizen partnership task group identified opportunities for COVID-END to incorporate meaningful citizen partnership in its work

For more details about our citizen partners, click here.

We thank everyone who contributed to COVID-END’s many achievements and look forward to working with citizen partners as we transition our work to the Evidence Commission Implementation Council. A citizen leadership group bringing together citizen leaders and leaders of citizen-serving organizations is working to advance the Evidence Commission's implementation priority to put evidence at the centre of everyday life.