Government Policymakers

Government policymaker

Organizational Leaders

Organizational leader



  • Julian Elliott

    Clinician researcher leveraging technology for efficiently preparing and maintaining ‘living’ evidence syntheses and guidelines to inform decision-making


  • Maureen Smith

    Citizen leader championing the meaningful engagement of patients and citizens in conducting research and using it in their decision-making
Role of Evidence Intermediaries

Evidence intermediary

  • Julia Belluz

    Respected journalist bringing rigour to reporting about what the best available science does and doesn’t tell us about the major challenges of our time
  • Kerry Albright

    Eternally curious international public servant bringing passion about evidence-informed decision-making, systems thinking, and help in understanding the value of evidence to international development
Evidence Producers

Evidence intermediary and producer

  • Gillian Leng

    Experienced executive leading a technology-assessment and guideline agency that supports health and social care decision-making by governments, service providers and patients
Evidence Producers

Evidence producer

  • Jan Minx

    Impact-oriented scholar bringing innovative evidence-synthesis approaches to domestic policy advice and global scientific assessments about climate change and sustainability