RESSA Country Leads Group

The Rapid Evidence-Support System Assessment (RESSA) Country Leads Group advances the Global Evidence Commission’s implementation priority to strengthen domestic evidence-support systems by sharing lessons learned from participating countries and taking action based on what is learned. Our current country leads include:  
  • Argentina: Martin Ragusa  
  • Australia: Julian Elliott, Tari Turner and Peter Bragge
  • Bolivia: Veronica Osorio Calderon
  • Brazil: Laura Boeira, Jorge Barreto, Fernanda Campos de Almeida Carrer, Frederik Dejonghe, Tamille Dias, Camila Farias, Ivone Maio, Luciane Lopes, Sara Mota, Monica Taminato 
  • Canada:
    • Federal and many provinces and territories: John Lavis, Michael Wilson, Kerry Waddell, Jenn Thornhill Verm
    • Quebec: Mathieu Ouimet and Morgane Beaumier
    • Nova Scotia: Mark Embrett and Marta MacInnis 
  • Chile: Cristian Mansilla  
  • China: Xuping Song, Jinglin He and colleagues 
  • Colombia: Marcela Velez and Daniel Patino-Lugo  
  • Ireland: Declan Devane 
  • Israel: Moriah Ellen 
  • Lebanon: Fadi El-Jardali  
  • South Africa: Laurenz Langer and Tanya Mdlalose
  • United Kingdom-Scotland: Ruth McQuillan, Jolie Pistol and Vaishali Vardhan