The Global Evidence Commission’s independent panel of commissioners brought diverse points of view to creating a report that speaks to, and to pursuing pathways to influence that will spur action among, the many different types of people who make or can influence decisions about whether and how evidence is used to address societal challenges. They brought powerfully complementary perspectives, ranging across most types of societal challenges (and Sustainable Development Goals), all types of decision-makers (government policymakers, organizational leaders, professionals and citizens), and all major forms of evidence. The formal role of Commissioners took place between June 2021 and January 2022, ending with the release of the report.

  • David Halpern

    Trusted policy advisor bringing formal experimentation and behavioural insights into governments – first in the United Kingdom and now in many countries
  • Gillian Leng

    Experienced executive leading a technology-assessment and guideline agency that supports health and social care decision-making by governments, services providers and patients
  • Howard White

    Research leader supporting the use of robust evaluation and evidence synthesis in decision-making in international development and across sectors
  • Jan Minx

    Impact-oriented scholar bringing innovative evidence-synthesis approaches to domestic policy advice and global assessments about climate action and sustainability
  • Jinglin He

    Non-governmental organization leader engaging policymakers and stakeholders, as well as UN agencies, in advancing social-development initiatives
  • Julia Belluz

    Respected journalist bringing rigour to reporting about what the best available science does and doesn’t tell us about the major challenges of our time
  • Julian Elliott

    Clinician researcher leveraging technology for efficiently preparing and maintaining ‘living’ evidence syntheses and guidelines to inform decision-making
  • Kerry Albright

    Eternally curious international public servant bringing passion about evidence-informed decision-making, systems thinking, and help in understanding the value of evidence to international development
  • Maureen Smith

    Citizen leader championing the meaningful engagement of patients and citizens in conducting research and using it in their decision-making
  • Neil Vora

    Inter-disciplinary professional bringing planetary-health thinking to the interface between conservation efforts (such as preventing deforestation) and pandemic prevention
  • Petrarca Karetji

    Entrepreneurial policy advisor innovating in the use of data analytics to support evidence-informed policymaking about sustainable development
  • Steven Kern

    Foundation leader using data analytics and other forms of evidence to fight poverty, disease and inequity around the world