Soledad Quiroz Valenzuela

Government science advisor contributing her national experiences to regional and global efforts to improve the quality of government scientific advice

(Last updated during their term as a Commissioner - January 2022)

Soledad Quiroz Valenzuela is a government science advisor in environmental policy working as the executive secretary of the Chilean Scientific Committee on Climate Change. Soledad was recently appointed to the role of vice president for policy of the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) and serves on the steering committee of INGSA’s Latin American and Caribbean chapter. She has been a lecturer and researcher in science and technology policy, science advice, and science diplomacy. She participates in the Science Diplomacy Network for Latin America and the Caribbean (DiploCientifica). Soledad holds a PhD in biochemistry and molecular Biology from Michigan State University and a master’s degree in public policy and management from Carnegie Mellon University.


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