Paul Ciurea (ex-officio member)

Developing young leader supporting citizen engagement and outreach for better use of evidence in everyday life

Paul is a graduate of Philosophy and Literature & Critical Theory from the University of Toronto who wishes to mobilize his passion for knowledge and critical thought to help influence a societal paradigm-shift towards better use of evidence in everyday life, particularly for younger generations. With an emphasis on communications and both written and visual media, Paul has been working as part of the McMaster Health Forum team to advance the citizen-engagement components of the Global Commission to Address Societal Challenges, the COVID-19 Evidence Network to support Decision-making (COVID-END), and the Rapid-Improvement Support and Exchange. He is a staff member of the Evidence Commission secretariat and an ex-officio member of the Evidence Commission’s citizen leadership group. Paul’s work includes writing and research, development of social media content, and preparation of plain-language summaries of research syntheses.

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