Janice Tufte

Engaged citizen scientist focused on equitable health drivers and advancing research to guidance to dissemination
Janice Tufte brings more than a decade of collaboration experience with communities, identifying social determinants of health, addressing disparities and health equity through in person and digital project development and implementation efforts. Since before and at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic, Janice has incorporated her expertise to advise on person-public-patient-consumer involvement for better care, better health and policy knowledge translation for the common good. She specializes in recognizing structural and systemic gaps within healthcare and social driver frameworks and has initiated equity focused projects that connect communities, people and or services to one another.  In 2004, she developed the Emergency Muslim Resource Guides - a project focussed on poverty awareness with a solution-based offering. Fast-forward to 2012, where Janice was integrated within a research team at Kaiser Washington Health Research Institute as a patient co-investigator, where the team’s Community Resource Specialist intervention learning health system implementation was so successful that it has since scaled to all 26 Kaiser Washington State Clinics. In 2014, Janice became a PCORI Ambassador. She has since offered her experience and expertise to such groups as the New York Academy of Medicine, Cochrane, the National Academy of Medicine, and Academy Health. Most recently, she has been involved with clinical guideline development serving as a public panel member at the American College of Physicians and joined Guidelines International Network to learn more about clinical guidelines and to continue to look for gaps where guidelines should and can be developed with patient/public partnerships. As an engaged citizen scientist focused on equitable health drivers, Janice is involved in advancing the evidence generation ecosystem—from research to guidance to dissemination.
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