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For McMaster students, learn more about the undergraduate and graduate courses that we teach.

Want to up your game in understanding how health and social systems work, how to find and use research evidence, how to set agendas and develop and implement policies or how to use research evidence to push for change in health and social systems?

Our training programs are your chance to master the skills you need.

Learn How - online courses

Online courses
Develop your skills at your own pace

MHF Top Ten

Top Ten webinars
Our webinars in this series feature ‘top ten’ insights into health- and social-systems, evidence-informed policymaking and a range of related topical issues


Citizen courses
Enhance your knowledge of how the health system works and how you can better advocate for changes that would improve the health system for you and your family


Designed to prepare future champions for the conduct and use of patient-oriented research


Customized workshops
Support your team by hosting one of our customized training sessions, which can be tailored by experts at the McMaster Health Forum to meet your organization’s specific needs.

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Expanding the scope of Social Systems Evidence

Nov 27, 2018|
With a growing international focus on evidence-informed policymaking to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we’re excited to announ... Read more


Forum+ launches Social Systems Evidence

Nov 30, 2017|
Forum+ has launched the beta version of Social Systems Evidence, providing access to the best available research evidence in a timely manner. Read more