McMaster Health Forum offers five-day workshop on finding and using research evidence: February 16-20

Registration is now open for a five-day training workshop that supports policymakers, stakeholders and researchers in learning how to find and use research evidence in their work to reform, renew or strengthen health systems, and get cost-effective programs, services and drugs to those who need them.

The winter session of the workshop ‘Finding and Using Research Evidence to Inform Decision-making in Health Systems and Organizations’ will be held February 16-20, 2016 at the McMaster Health Forum (Saturday, February 20th is included for those who want extra, dedicated time with workshop faculty to bring their project to closure). Registration is open until January 31. The training workshop is part of the McMaster Health Forum’s Health Systems Learning program and is designed for those who wish to master the skills needed to find the most reliable research evidence and to use it to inform and influence decisions about how the various parts of a health system function.

Participants will be required to complete a preparatory online course before travelling to McMaster, and will then engage with workshop faculty for five days of interactive sessions. The workshop is led by Forum Director John Lavis, who has conducted nearly 100 training workshops in more than 30 countries with health system policymakers, stakeholders and researchers, on a variety of topics. Lavis will be assisted by Kaelan Moat, Scientific Lead of Health Systems Evidence and Learning for the Forum, and Michael Wilson, Assistant Director of the Forum.

The cost of the workshop is $2,480 (not including personal travel and accommodation expenses), which includes the online course.

The finding and using research course was launched by the Forum early in 2014, and approximately 500 participants from a range of health system policy and stakeholder organizations (in addition to trainees interested in careers in health policy) have already completed the online course.

The February workshop is now open for registration by individuals who wish to take it on their own. Organizations interested in capacity building for their staff could benefit from the online course alone, or in combination with in-person sessions of various lengths (e.g., one or two day workshops) for groups of up to 40 participants. We encourage these organizations to contact McMaster Health Forum to discuss their specific needs. The Health System Learning program currently includes two courses:

  1. Finding and Using Research Evidence to Inform Decision-making in Health Systems and Organizations, and
  2. Setting Agendas and Developing and Implementing Policies

All Health Systems Learning courses are available in multiple formats, which can be customized to suit your individual and organizational needs. Popular formats include the online course, alone or in combination with a customized in-person workshop, and Forum-hosted training workshops like the one planned for February. For more information, please visit our Learn How page or contact us at

Health Systems Learning Workshop - February 2016