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Resuming RISE supports for OHTs

Sep 1, 2020 |

The Ontario Ministry of Health recently announced five newly approved OHTs (in addition to the 24 teams approved last year) and invited 17 new teams to complete a full application to become an OHT. If approved and at maturity, these OHTs will cover 80% of the province’s population.

RISE also took a big step this month in fully updating our website to support both groups of teams and resuming our supports for OHTs. The key resources for approved OHTs and full applicant teams are listed below, with the most important ones highlighted in bold.

Approved OHTs

  • Ministry of Health update for OHTs (slides, questions and answers, recording that can be watched until 5 November, recording that can be downloaded)
  • OHT provincial learning and improvement forum – Day 1 (slides)

Year 1 priority populations

OHT building blocks

Teams invited to complete a full application

  • Full application
  • RISE online forum for teams invited to submit a full application
  • Webinar for teams invited to submit a full application (details available soon)
  • Resources by OHT building block (with links to relevant questions in the full application)

Year 1 priority populations

OHT building blocks

In addition, to help OHT partners and other health- and social-system leaders as they respond to unprecedented challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Forum and OHRI teams have compiled an inventory of COVID-19 evidence sources as part of their contribution to RISE. Decision-makers can draw on the inventory to find the best science to inform their decisions and recommendations. This resource will continue to be updated as new evidence sources are identified and as we work with the global evidence-synthesis community to better coordinate efforts and avoid duplication. We will soon be launching an inventory of ‘best evidence syntheses’ for the full range of decisions being faced with COVID-19.

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