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RISE provides a ‘one-stop shop’ for four types of resources that can support rapid learning and improvement among Ontario Health Teams (OHTs): 1) RISE resources, including RISE briefs (RB) and webinars, among others; 2) resources prepared by other partners; 3) resources prepared by the Ministry of Health; and 4) hyperlinks to curated searches of Health Systems Evidence and Social Systems Evidence for systematic reviews of the research literature and related document types (for when no dedicated OHT resources exist).

Here we focus on resources by OHT building blocks. The full description of these building blocks can be found in RISE brief 1 on OHT building blocks. To support teams invited to submit an application to join cohort 2 of OHTs, we note links to relevant questions in the full application.

If you know of a resource that would be helpful to other OHTs, please send it to

Building block #1: Defined patient population (who is covered, and what does 'covered' mean?)
[Part of ‘Section 1: About your population' (question 1.1 about who you will be accountable for at maturity) in the full application]

Domains RISE resources Partner resources Ministry resources Curated searches
All or most domains Webinar on how OHTs can approach their work with an attributed population HCSL tool on unpacking an attributed population  
1) Target-population definitions   ICES paper that informed the ministry’s approach to attribution   Browse results 
2) Geographic-area definitions        Browse results
3) Patient-access targets       Browse results 
4) Service-delivery (volume) targets       Browse results 
5) Sustained care-relationship targets       Browse results 

Building block #2: In-scope services (what is covered?)
[Parts of ‘Section 2: About your team' (question 2.1 in the full application and sections 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 in the supplementary template) and ‘Section 3: Leveraging lessons learned from COVID-19’]

Domains  RISE resources  Partner resources  Ministry resources  Curated searches
All or most domains  

RCA resource about rehabilitative care to support teams completing a full application

6) Service-inclusion definitions       Browse results
7) Service-exclusion definitions       Browse results
8) Service site decisions       Browse results

Building block #3: Patient partnership and community engagement (how are patients engaged?)
[Parts of ‘Section 4: How will you transform care’ in the full application (question 4.4 about patient partnership and questions 4.3.1-4.3.4  about working with Indigenous, Francophone, COVID/flu-vulnerable and other populations), as well as part of ‘Section 1 About your population’ (question 1.3 about equity considerations within your population)]

Domains  RISE resources  Partner resources  Ministry resources  Curated searches
All or most domains        
9) Proactive patient and public engagement

RB14 on caregiver empowerment

Rapid synthesis on empowering caregivers to deliver home-based restorative care

Citizen panel on engaging with patients, families and caregivers to support Ontario Health Teams

Change Foundation’s inventory of engagement and co-design resources
  Browse results
10) Responsive patient relations       Browse results 
11) Patient values       Browse results
12) Community engagement

RB5 on community engagement

Webinar on engaging and improving care for francophone communities

Webinar on how OHTs can meaningfully engage their community and develop appropriate mechanisms for communication

East and Downtown East Toronto OHTs' framework for community engagement

ETHP community engagement event checklist

HCSL community map prototype and database

  Browse results 
13) Indigenous peoples engagement       Browse results 
14) Cultural sensitivity       Browse results

Building block #4: Patient care and experience (how are patient experiences and outcomes measured & supported?)
[Parts of ‘Section 1: ‘About your population’ (question 1.2 about who will be your focus in year 1) and ‘Section 4: How will you transform care’  in the full application]

Domain  RISE resources  Partner resources  Ministry resources  Curated searches
All or most domains 

Learning and improvement collaboratives online forum (Quorum)

Webinar on population-health management

OHT provincial learning and improvement forum

HSPN practice guide on understanding and meeting the needs of patients and caregivers

HSPN practice guide on how patient and caregiver needs can be met by providers and managers

HSPN webinar on logic models


HCSL care pathways for youth that can be used in population-health management

Jurisdictional scan of select integrated-care systems   
15) Proactive patient identification       Browse results
16) Individualized care planning                   Browse results
17) Care pathways       Browse results
18) Health literacy support       Browse results
19) Digital access to health information       Browse results
20) Shared decision-making       Browse results
21) Self-management planning and support   HLLN resource about health coaching   Browse results
22) Virtual-care services       Browse results
23) Proactive chronic-disease management       Browse results
24) Population-based health promotion and disease prevention       Browse results
25) Integrated-care models  
  Browse results
26) Coordination services       Browse results
27) Transition services
OH standards playbook on transitions between hospital and home   Browse results
28) System-navigation services   HLLN resource about patient navigation
  Browse results
29) Patient-reported experience measures       Browse results
30) Patient-reported outcome measures       Browse results
31) Integration measures       Browse results
32) Public-facing website describing above services       Browse results

Building block #5: Digital health (how are data & digital solutions harnessed?)
[Part of ‘Section 4: How will you transform care’ in the full application (question 4.2 about how your team will provide virtual and digitally enabled care)]

Domains  RISE resources  Partner resources Ministry resources  Curated searches
 All or most domains     Digital health playbook  
33) Patient portal       Browse results
34) Electronic medical record       Browse results
35) Electronic health record       Browse results
36) Digital health tools       Browse results
37) E-consultations for patients       Browse results
38) E-consultation among providers       Browse results
39) Data privacy and security       Browse results
40) Data harmonization across organizations, sectors and systems       Browse results
41) Data modelling and analysis RB8 on data analytics     Browse results
42) Data sharing and use       Browse results
43) Single point of contact for digital-health activities       Browse results

Building block #6: Leadership, accountability and governance (how are governance & delivery arrangements aligned, and how are providers engaged?)
[Part of ‘Section 2: About your team’ (question 2.3 about how your team can leverage previous experiences collaborating to deliver integrated care)]

Building block #7: Funding and incentive structure (how are financial arrangements aligned?)

Domains  RISE resources  Partner resources  Ministry resources  Curated searches
 All or most domains        
49) Population costs and cost drivers       Browse results
50) Integrated fund holding       Browse results
51) Contracts        Browse results
52) Re-investments of savings       Browse results

Building block #8: Performance measurement, quality improvement, and continuous learning (how is rapid learning & improvement supported?)
[Part of ‘Section 4: How will you transform care’ (question 4.1 about performance measures you propose to use to monitor success in year 1)]

Domains  RISE resources  Partner resources  Ministry resources  Curated searches
All or most domains 

RB21 on Ontario Health (Quality) and how it can support OHTs as a health-system partner

Rapid synthesis on the role of coaching in health-system transformations

HSPN formative evaluation of developing OHTs

HSPN findings from the survey on organizing for OHTs

53) Performance measurement across the quadruple aim and across sectors        Browse results
54) Guidelines and other sources of best evidence RB9 on evidence sources     Browse results
55) Local area-focused rapid learning and improvement       Browse results
56) Problem-focused rapid learning and improvement       Browse results
57) Rapid learning and improvement collaboratives RB13 on communities of practice     Browse results
58) Rapid learning and improvement competencies RB12 on rapid-learning and improvement     Browse results