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McMaster University has an international reputation for excellence in evidence-based medicine and problem-based learning. The Forum has extended this reputation into the fields of evidence-informed health systems and collective problem-solving.

The following are resources created or co-created by the Forum to support our programs in these two fields, and the health-system leaders (and through Forum+, the social-system leaders) and the programs they serve.

Let’s collaborate

  1. McMaster Health Forum programs
  2. Forum+ >> Moving beyond health
  3. Ten years of supporting evidence-informed policymaking
  4. A brief primer on rapid-learning health systems
  5. Stakeholder Dialogues program

Learn how

  1. Finding and using research evidence | Summary sheet
  2. Finding and using research evidence | Course description
  3. Setting agendas and developing and implementing policies | Summary sheet
  4. Setting agendas and developing and implementing policies | Course description
  5. SUPPORT Tools for evidence-informed health policymaking
    Also available in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.
  6. Implementing health systems guidance: A workbook to support the contextualization of recommendations at the national or subnational level

Find evidence

  1. List of McMaster Health Forum products
  2. Rapid Response program: Summary of service timelines
  3. Health Systems Evidence: Summary of key features and functions
  4. Health Systems Evidence: Taxonomy of governance, financial and delivery arrangements and of implementation strategies within health systems
  5. Social Systems Evidence: One-page overview
  6. Social Systems Evidence: Summary of key features and functions
  7. Social Systems Evidence: Taxonomy of program and service areas, governance, financial and delivery arrangements, and implementation strategies within social systems
  8. McMaster Optimal Aging Portal: Rationale and features
  9. McMaster Optimal Aging Portal: Information about healthy aging that you can trust: Handout for professionals
  10. McMaster Optimal Aging Portal: Information about healthy aging that you can trust: Brochure

Spark action

  1. Overview of the McMaster Health Forum’s approach to convening citizen panels

Evaluate innovations

  1. Evidence-Informed Policy Networks (EVIPNet) ten years on
  2. List of publications related to EVIPNet

More from the Forum

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