Using segmentation to support quality improvement

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In January, we come back again to segmentation for population health management, building on the February and September 2021 webinars.

This time we will look at the new collaborative Quality Improvement Indicators and other areas for improvement across Ontario Health Teams and look at data to help understand how population segmentation can be used to design different approaches to improvement on common indicators.

Walter Wodchis (co-lead HSPN OHT evaluation) will present on the provincial view of collaborative Quality Improvement Plan indicators and how OHTs can use population segmentation to better understand and improve on cQIP measures. This is a prelude to data that HSPN will provide to support OHT cQIP ideas.

Christina Clarke (RISE population health coach) will share key principles and examples to illustrate how segmentation can be applied at the local level in focus populations to understand and identify improvement ideas  for cQIP and other areas of importance to OHTs.

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