Segmenting your OHT population : Stories from the Field (Part III)

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In February, we will merge our streams of population health management and stories from the field providing real-world examples in Ontario Health Teams of using data to better understand where, how and for whom interventions can be directed. Examples include raw use of hospital diagnoses through to sophisticated segmentation with pre-packaged risk segmentation tools. Presenters will describe their use of Intellihealth and Integrated Decision Support (IDS) resources.

Speakers will include Darren Gerson and Lauren Tessier from the North Toronto and Chatham Kent OHTs. We look forward to this conversation and uncover the good, the bad and the ugly in trying to use population segmentation in the real world of OHT implementation.

As part of the Health System Performance Network’s (HPSN) support of Ontario Health Teams (OHTs), the HSPN regularly holds events that are widely available to OHT participants. Information shared at these events may be used in the research and evaluation of OHTs. Registering for this event is deemed as consent to participate in this research. To read more please read the information letter posted here:

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