Population-health management – An overview of core concepts, principles and RISE supports for OHTs

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RISE webinar - Population-health management

To help OHTs implement a population-health management (PHM) approach, RISE is hosting a series of webinars.  The learning objectives of this first webinar were to help OHTs:

  1. develop awareness of RISE’s population-health management supports for OHTs (including an introduction to PHM coaching)
  2. understand the steps required to implement a population-health management approach
  3. cultivate shared learnings by hearing from a peer OHT on their application of population-health management

This session helped support OHTs in achieving the following OHT TPA milestones:

  • Re-designing care for patients in your priority population(s)
  • Helping every patient in your priority population(s) experience coordinated transitions between providers

For cohort 1, this webinar also provided a foundation for collaborative and coaching sessions which will follow (starting in January). For cohort 2, this webinar provided an overview of population-health management approaches and visibility to upcoming supports.

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