Partnering with patients/families/caregivers in population-health management

To help OHTs implement a population-health management (PHM) approach, RISE is hosting a series of sessions. This session will help OHTs learn effective approaches for engaging and partnering with patients/families/caregivers in population-health management activities. Participants will learn from Betty-Lou Kristy (Ontario Minister’s PHAC chair), Dr. Kerry Kuluski (Dr. Mathias Gysler Research Chair in Patient and Family-Centered Care) and Carole Ann Alloway (Caregiver partner and Family Caregivers Voice, Co-Founder). Through sharing key examples, the learning objectives for this webinar will help OHTs: 

  1. Understand when to partner with patients/families/caregivers in co-design
  2. Learn from others through practical examples and lessons they are learning
  3. Develop awareness of the available resources to support OHTs in this work

    This session will help support OHTs in achieving the following OHT TPA milestones:

    • Re-designing care for patients in your priority population(s)
    • Helping every patient in your priority population(s) experience coordinated transitions between providers

Watch a recording from the event.

Download a PDF of the presentation.

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