OHT Impact Fellows- Alumni Fellows KT presentations

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Three OHT Impact Fellowship Alumni will present short 15-minute talks about their OHT work with opportunity for Q&A.

  • 3:00-3:20pm Presentation #1: Similar Challenges, Unique Context: An Impact Fellow’s experience as an embedded researcher within a Northern OHT Description: In this presentation, Sophie will share the intersectoral approach she used to build relationships, engage with local and regional stakeholders, assist with priority projects, and begin to lay the foundation for a research program using population segmentation and the quintuple aim as a North Star at the Algoma OHT.
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  • 3:20-3:40pm Presentation #2: Moving toward data integration: the development of a data dictionary and repository Description: Based on the collective insights drawn from two OHTs, alumni fellows Brianna and Grace present the results of a population health-based data development initiative. This process began with extensive engagement with partner organizations within each OHT and the collective governance teams, including patient and family advisory members.
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  • 3:40-4:00pm Presentation #3 From Evaluation to Change-Making Description: In this presentation, Dr. Abdelhalim will walk us through her journey with the Burlington OHT as an impact fellow/embedded researcher then a full-time staff then a change agent on many regional and provincial tables. She will highlight her learnings as she grew from an evaluation researcher to a change maker in the space of the OHTs.
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  • 4:00-4:15pm- Additional time for Q&A and wrap up

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