Engage with Impact Toolkit Workshop: Getting started with your evaluation (Module 1)

The Engage with Impact Toolkit  (www.evaluateengagement.ca) supports health system organizations to evaluate patient engagement with a focus on measuring impact. The Toolkit includes 5 modules which walk users through assessing evaluation readiness, developing an evaluation plan, selecting evaluation measures from a comprehensive database of impact categories and sample questions, creating evaluation tools and sharing results. To support OHTs and others to implement the Toolkit, the Public and Patient Engagement Collaborative is hosting 3 interactive workshops.

This is the first of the three workshops. This will focus on module 1, the Planning module. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the content in this module. To prepare for this first workshop, participants are encouraged to review the module content beforehand and consider its applicability within their OHT.

>> Download a PDF of the webinar slides

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