Community engagement during COVID-19

Watch a recording from this webinar.

One of the building blocks underpinning the success of all Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) is their ability to meaningfully engage their communities in the planning and delivery of OHT activities. Strong community engagement approaches offer OHTs an opportunity to involve those whose voices are not typically heard, and whose input can strengthen the planning, design and delivery of services. However, opportunities to communicate have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. This webinar focused specifically on community engagement and touches on changes to communication strategies and mechanisms to support such engagement throughout the second wave of the pandemic. The webinar, hosted by Anna Dion, RISE focal point, began by exploring the foundations of good community engagement. The webinar also highlighted the experiences of three OHTs as they employ these concepts in their work. This webinar introduced newly approved OHTs to key concepts needed to begin community engagement, however it may be useful for cohort 1 OHTs who are in the process of adjusting their engagement strategies.

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