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We have launched a new program focused on building, supporting and sparking action among communities of practice to provide opportunities for health- and social-system leaders, citizens, researchers and students to engage in collective problem-solving.

At the moment we have two active communities of practice in Ontario as part of our Rapid-Improvement Support and Exchange (RISE) program:

  • Ontario Health Team Exchange – this community of practice brings together members of teams invited to proceed to full application to engage with other teams in both general discussions and in discussions about specific OHT building blocks
  • RISE exchange – this community of practice brings together those contributing their expertise to RISE's support to OHTs.

The Forum also plays a role in supporting the vibrant international community of practice that has been established and continually evolves as part of the Partners for Evidence-driven Rapid Learning in Social Systems (PERLSS) program. Partners from the 14 countries involved in this initiative are focused on piloting and iteratively refining promising mechanisms adapted from ‘health systems’ to support evidence-informed policymaking (EIP) about social systems generally, and about the non-health Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in particular. The community of practice has the aim of supporting structured lesson-drawing about how to best support EIP about social systems based on their experiences piloting and refining the mechanisms.

As we continue to grow our program, members of the communities of practice will be engaged through social media, online discussion forums, interactive webinars, and face-to-face meetings with leaders in other areas. They will also be supported with access to relevant sections of our book and to our other products, structured guides to and maps of available data and evidence, infographics, and a monthly Health Systems Evidence e-newsletter service.

If you are interested in joining a community of practice, you don’t have to wait until we’re fully up and running. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates in the areas where we hope to launch communities of practice in future years:

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