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As Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) develop and mature, they will become clinically and fiscally accountable for delivering a full and coordinated continuum of care to a defined population. Inspired by the platforms that supported the development and maturation of accountable-care organizations, RISE provides evidence-based support to OHTs, using a ‘rapid learning and improvement’ lens.

RISE’s vision is a rapid-learning health system that continually ‘ups its game’ in achieving the quadruple aim of improving care experiences and health outcomes at manageable per capita costs and with positive provider experiences.

RISE’s mission is to contribute to the ministry's OHT Central Program of Supports by providing timely and responsive access to Ontario-based ‘rapid-learning and improvement’ assets. In fulfilling this mission, RISE is committed to ensuring that OHTs have equitable access to support and that members of the RISE community of practice have equitable opportunities to contribute to this support.

RISE has five program objectives:

  1. develop and iteratively improve packages of support that respond to evolving OHT readiness priorities
    1. e.g., initial road show in each of six communities, with Webex and webinar recordings to extend the reach
    2. e.g., five weekly webinars on key challenge areas
  2. deliver ‘on demand’ (or facilitate the delivery of) a suite of activities (e.g., webinars, telephone/Webex consultations, meeting participation, in-person visits, and ongoing coaching) and products (e.g., fifteen short RISE briefs at launch), including those deliverables prioritized through a ‘rapid-matching service’ and semi-annual OHT self-assessments of where support is needed
  3. build and engage a community of practice (or learning collaborative) among teams on an OHT readiness path (and over time move into a facilitation role as OHTs increasingly steer the community of practice)
  4. build and engage a community of practice among those contributing their expertise to RISE's support for rapid learning and improvement initiatives with both a local area focus (OHTs) and a problem focus (e.g., cancer care)
  5. maintain this website and disseminate a monthly e-newsletter to provide a structured ‘way in’ and disseminate four types of resources
    1. RISE resources
    2. resources prepared by other partners
    3. resources prepared by the ministry
    4. systematic reviews and economic evaluations on topics for which no OHT-specific resources are yet available

Program objectives 1, 2 and 3 are examples of the ‘support’ part of RISE’s name while strategic objectives 4 and 5 are examples of the ‘exchange’ part of RISE.

RISE is supported by a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Health to the McMaster Health Forum. The opinions, results, and conclusions are those of RISE and are independent of the ministry. No endorsement by the ministry is intended or should be inferred.

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