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RISE provides a ‘one-stop shop’ for four types of resources that can support rapid learning and improvement among Ontario Health Teams (OHTs): 1) RISE resources, including RISE briefs (RB), rapid syntheses (RS), and webinar recordings (WBR); 2) resources prepared by other partners; 3) resources prepared by the Ministry of Health; and 4) hyperlinks to curated searches of Health Systems Evidence and Social Systems Evidence for systematic reviews of the research literature and related document types (for when no dedicated OHT resources exist).

Here we focus on resources by sector, focusing on one sector that is undergoing a transformation alongside and in close connection to the implementation of OHTs (home and community care) and a second sector that is critical to the success of OHTs (primary care). Those wanting to understand more about these sectors and how they and the broader Ontario health system works can review RB10 on how Ontario’s health system works.

If you know of a resource that would be helpful to other OHTs, please send it to

Sector 1: Home and community care

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OCSA resource on understanding home and community care in Ontario

Ministry update on plan to modernize home and community care in Ontario

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Sector 2: Primary care