Brianne Wood

Associate Scientist (Centre for Social Accountability at Northern Ontario School of Medicine University)

Brianne Wood, PhD, is an Associate Scientist of Social Accountability and Learning Health Systems jointly with Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute and NOSM University.  With a PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Ottawa, Brianne worked as a public health and health systems epidemiologist in Northern Ontario since 2015, before transitioning to a postdoctoral fellowship at NOSM University in 2019. In her postdoctoral work, Brianne developed an evaluation framework to assess the impacts of health professional education on Quadruple Aim outcomes in Northern Ontario. This framework integrates concepts of social accountability from health professional education and learning health systems, then applied in the Northern Ontario context. In 2021, Brianne transitioned into her present Associate Scientist Role that aims to build and understand learning health systems that meet the needs of Northern Ontario communities and health systems.

Currently, Brianne is the Research Director of a primary health care practice-based research and learning network (NORTHH) in Northern Ontario. She is the 2021 recipient of the Health Research Foundation of Innovative Medicines Canada Fellowship in Health Systems Resilience. Her research interests include evaluating impacts of learning health systems, primary health care capacity, and health equity in northern, rural, and remote regions.

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