OHT Impact Fellows- Knowledge Translation Lunch and Learn Series: Making Collaborative Governance Sustainable - A Developmental Life-Cycle Approach

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Presenter: Shinjini Mondal Title: Making Collaborative Governance Sustainable: A Developmental Life-Cycle Approach Description: This webinar shares the research findings and experiential learning of the OHT Fellow on governance and brings OHT leadership to share commentary on the research. The fellow will present the key research findings and engage OHT Leaders in a panel discussion. Participants: Shinjini Mondal (OHT Fellow), Lindsay Wingham-Smith (Director MOHT), Anne Wojtak (Lead ETHP), Jeff Wingard (Senior Manager, Development & Partnerships GHHN).


  • BB#6: Leadership & governance

Target audience

  • Broader health system partners
  • Cohort 1
  • Cohort 2
  • Cohort 3
  • Cohort 4
  • In-development teams

Target OHT role/function

  • Executive/ administrative leads
  • Implementation leads