Global Evidence Commission update 2024

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Building momentum – that’s the theme of our upcoming launch of the Global Commission on Evidence to Address Societal Challenges’ update 2024.

Since the release of the Evidence Commission report in 2022, and the first annual update (Update 2023), members of our secretariat and Implementation Council now invite you to join our second annual update (Update 2024 – forthcoming in January 2024).

This webinar will feature a presentation by secretariat members to position the work of the Global Evidence Commission to date, with insights from members of the Implementation Council, Rapid Evidence-Support System Assessment (RESSA) Country Leads Group and Citizen Leadership Group. Together, we’ll show that momentum is building across implementation priority 1 (formalizing and strengthening domestic evidence-support systems) and implementation priority 2 (enhancing and leveraging the global evidence architecture), while the need to press ahead on implementation priority 3 (putting evidence at the centre of everyday life) has never been greater in a world facing increasingly complex societal challenges (backdropped by increasingly sophisticated efforts to mislead the public).

The goal of this interactive launch and discussion is to go farther, faster together by exploring ways to continue to build momentum toward implementing the Global Evidence Commission’s shared priorities.


  • Jenn Thornhill Verma, Executive Lead, Global Evidence Commission 
  • Rudolf Russell du Toit, Executive Lead, Evidence-Support Systems, Global Evidence Commission   

Speakers (in order of appearance):  

  • John Lavis, Co-Lead, Global Evidence Commission  
  • Jeremy Grimshaw, Co-Lead, Global Evidence Commission
  • Laura dos Santos Boeira, Executive Director, Veredas Institute 
  • Laurenz Mahlanza-Langer, Executive Director, Pan-African Collective for Evidence
  • David Halpern, President and Founding Director of the Behavioural Insights Team 
  • Will Moy, CEO, Campbell Collaboration  
  • Maureen Smith, Co-chair, Citizen Leadership Group, Global Evidence Commission