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Synthesizing working group

The COVID-19 Evidence Network to support Decision-making (COVID-END) has come together to help coordinate and reduce duplication in these remarkable efforts. Its initial focus includes supporting working groups to achieve and document quick-wins, and to establish processes to achieve and document longer-term wins, in seven areas including synthesizing the evidence that already exists in ways that are more coordinated and efficient and that balance quality and timeliness.

Proposed terms of reference

  1. Contributing to maintaining the guide to COVID-19 evidence sources and encouraging its use to avoid unnecessary duplication and encourage updating or extending existing reviews (while digital solutions are being developed)
  2. Creating and sharing evidence tables that can be used in local guideline-development processes (or local evidence-contextualization processes more generally)
  3. Identifying and sharing guidance for conducting and reporting rapid reviews
  4. Promoting the quality assurance, publishing, translation and other benefits that come from working with the Campbell Collaboration, Cochrane, etc.
  5. Identifying and promoting living reviews (and living guidelines) as an emerging standard for evidence synthesis
  6. Identifying and sharing ways for individuals and groups to contribute to work that is already underway (e.g., Cochrane TaskExchange)


  1. David Tovey, Independant (co-chair)
  2. Taryn Young, Centre for Evidence-based Health Care, Stellenbosch University, South Africa (co-chair)
  3. Andrea Tricco, SPOR Evidence Alliance, Canada
  4. Birte Snilsveit, 3IE, UK
  5. Edoardo Aromataris, Joanna Briggs Institute, Australia
  6. Elie Akl, Systematic Review Centre for Health Policy and Systems, AUB, Lebanon
  7. Kamga Emmanuel Berinyuy, eBase, Cameroon
  8. Karla Soares-Weiser, Cochrane Collaboration
  9. Gabriel Rada, Epistemonikos, Chile
  10. Gunn Vist, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway
  11. Isabelle Boutron, Cochrane France, France
  12. Nikita Burke, Cochrane Ireland, Ireland
  13. Simon Lewin, Norwegian Institute for Public Health, Norway
  14. Vivian Welch, Campbell Collaboration, Canada
  15. Secretariat: John Lavis, Mike Wilson and Safa Al-Khateeb, McMaster Health Forum | RISE, Canada and Anna Dion, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute | RISE, Canada

Scan our guide to all COVID-19 evidence sources to see how you can contribute to synthesizing the evidence that already exists in ways that are more coordinated and efficient and that balance quality and timeliness.