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Packaging working group

The COVID-19 Evidence Network to support Decision-making (COVID-END) has come together to help coordinate and reduce duplication in these remarkable efforts. Its initial focus includes supporting working groups to achieve and document quick-wins, and to establish processes to achieve and document longer-term wins, in seven areas including packaging evidence and guidelines in ways that meet the needs of citizens, providers, policymakers and researchers in different contexts and languages.

Proposed terms of reference

  1. Contributing to the ‘document types’ part of the taxonomy of key meta-data that is being developed by the Digitizing working group to ensure it captures the full array of derivative products being produced for each target audience
    1. Citizens
    2. Providers
    3. Policymakers and managers
    4. Researchers, synthesizers and guideline developers
  2. Identifying intermediaries already providing evidence to key target audiences and in multiple languages, and encouraging and supporting them to draw on high-quality sources of synthesized research evidence and related derivative products for each target audience
    1. Note that the intent of the initiative is to support, not compete with or replace, well-positioned regional, national and sub-national organizations that are working in close partnership with key target audiences (i.e., with the demand side)
  3. Supporting the quality appraisal of evidence syntheses that could form the basis of derivative products
  4. Supporting the translation into multiple languages of plain-language and other derivative product
  5. Identifying the filters that key target audiences would want to use in searching and sharing these insights with the digitizing working group
  6. Creating and sharing derivative products with portals that can link them back to the original record when possible
  7. Connecting evidence-synthesis groups with organizations with experience in creating derivative products (e.g., Joanna Briggs Institute)


  1. Ben Heaven-Taylor, Evidence Aid, UK (chair)
  2. Craig Lockwood, Joanna Briggs Institute, Australia
  3. Jo Anthony, Cochrane Collaboration, UK
  4. Patrick Okwen Mbah, eBASE, Cameroon
  5. Sally Green, Cochrane Australia, Australia
  6. Secretariat: John Lavis and Safa Al-Khateeb, McMaster Health Forum | RISE, Canada and Anna Dion, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute | RISE

Look through our guide to key COVID-19 evidence sources to find evidence and guidelines that have already been packaged or that need to be packaged in ways that meet the needs of citizens, providers, policymakers and researchers in different contexts and languages.