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Kaelan Moat

Managing Director

Kaelan manages the development and implementation of the Forum’s programs. He played a leadership role in establishing the world’s most comprehensive, free access points for high-quality evidence about how to strengthen or reform health systems ( and social systems ( In addition, he helped in the development and now leads a number of the Forum’s ‘Learn how’ training programs (, including a range of in-person and online learning resources for health- and social-system policymakers, stakeholders and citizens who are committed to making or supporting evidence-informed decisions.

His research focuses on how to support the use of research evidence in health- and social-system policymaking, with a particular focus on both the evaluation of innovative mechanisms designed to increase the likelihood that research will be used to inform policy decisions, and on better understanding the influence that political factors have on these mechanisms and their use. He has also been involved in delivering workshops both internationally and in Canada to policymakers and stakeholders in order to support their efforts in finding and using research. He holds a B.H.Sc. from Western University, an M.Sc. from the London School of Economics (U.K.), and a PhD from McMaster University.

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McMaster Health Forum
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McMaster Health Forum’s Impact Lab
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