Evidence-Informed Policy Networks (EVIPNet) is a World Health Organization (WHO) program that the Forum’s director (John Lavis) co-developed with WHO in the mid-2000s to support evidence-informed policymaking in low- and middle-income countries and continues to support as co-chair of EVIPNet’s Global Steering Group. In its role as the WHO Collaborating Centre for Evidence-Informed Policy (a four-year designation recently renewed for a third term), the Forum has supported EVIPNet in many ways, including through more than 120 capacity-building workshops in more than 30 countries for policymakers and stakeholders from more than 60 countries. EVIPNet now operates in more than 40 countries, with particularly rich networks in Africa, the Americas, and eastern Europe. It is the single most widely evaluated platform for supporting evidence-informed policymaking, uses the most widely evaluated mechanisms for support evidence-informed policymaking, and has achieved many well-documented impacts on policymaking.