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McMaster Health Forum | Networks


In addition to delivering our own programs, the Forum plays many roles in strengthening health and social systems. Over the years we’ve worked closely with a remarkably diverse array of individuals and organizations who share our interest in collaboratively addressing critical health- and social-system challenges. Learn more about some of the networks we’re part of.

Partners for Evidence-driven Rapid Learning in Social Systems

While evidence-informed policymaking approaches have helped drive progress in many health systems around the world, a new partnership among the Forum, its peers in 13 countries, the Hewlett Foundation, and Canada’s International Development Research Centre, is now setting its sights on helping support the achievement of the non-health SDGs using best evidence, citizen values and stakeholder insights. Learn more about this network and our role.

Evidence-Informed Policy Network (EVIPNet)

The Evidence-Informed Policy Network (EVIPNet) is a network established by the World Health Organization to promote the systematic use of research evidence in health policymaking in order to strengthen health systems and get the right programs, services and drugs to those who need them. Learn more about this network and our role.