OHT Virtual Engagement Series Webinar: OHT Performance Measurement Framework

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The Ministry of Health (ministry) is hosting the second session of the “OHT Virtual Engagement Series” on March 25, 2021, from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. 

This session will focus on the OHT Performance Measurement Framework and highlight key evaluation approaches and supports for OHT performance measurement efforts.

Audience: Teams interested in the OHT Performance Measurement Framework and the performance measurement supports available.

About the OHT Performance Measurement Framework
A key step toward supporting OHT maturity is the introduction of a robust performance measurement framework that effectively assesses the extent to which OHTs are delivering more integrated care and outlines the performance goals for which teams will be jointly responsible. The ministry and its implementation support partners will monitor and identify learnings from near-term implementation activities to highlight early successes and better understand how OHTs are progressing against identified goals.

This webinar will outline and provide details on the phased implementation of the core components of the OHT Performance Measurement Framework, with a focus on the implementation indicators selected by Cohort I teams, OHT evaluation approaches, and performance measurement supports. Specifically, the webinar on March 25th will address the following:

  • The components of the OHT Performance Measurement Framework
  • Key themes identified in Cohort I OHT-selected indicators and reporting timelines
  • An overview of OHT evaluation and key measurement supports

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