In-Person Workshop for Citizens: Finding and Using Research Evidence and Understanding the Ontario Health System

Over the past year, the McMaster Health Forum with support from the Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit, has produced two free online video courses and delivered eight webinars on the topics: ‘Finding and using research evidence: A guide for citizens’ and ‘Understanding how to navigate the health system: A guide for citizens’. These online video courses and webinars were designed to provide citizens of Ontario general, high-level information on the topics described in their respective titles. While these products provide very helpful and useful information, they are limited in the scope of what they are able to provide. For this reason we will be hosting a one day in-person workshop that expands on these two topics and will provide interested citizens with more detailed, hands-on information which will help them advocate for change in the system.

If you have any questions please email the McMaster Health Forum at

Agenda for the Workshop

Part 1: Finding and using research evidence

  • Knowing how to find and use the best available research evidence will better equip citizens and patients to make informed decisions about their health, and to effectively advocate for health system changes. This section of the workshop describes the barriers people encounter when trying to access research evidence, and provides solutions to overcome these frustrations by working through a common example.

Lunch: a full lunch will be served to participants.

Part 2: Understanding how to navigate the health system

  • Knowing how the Ontario health system is structured and how it works will better equip citizens and patients to navigate the system and advocate for change. This section of the workshop describes the design and function of the Ontario health system to help citizens, patients and caregivers get answers for their health-related concerns. The workshop will also provide the necessary tools to help citizens advocate for change when necessary by continuing to work through a common issues experienced by Ontarians.

Part 3: Making sense of the information and demonstrating how they have and can be used to advocate for change within the system.

Important points to note:

  1. The McMaster Health Forum is unable to reimburse travel costs, however:
  • we can provide parking vouchers for those who choose to drive; and
  • there is no cost to attend and each participant will receive $50 to thank those who participate for their time and contributions.
  1. As the workshop is part of a larger research project, participants will be asked to complete a workshop evaluation upon completion.
  2. Spots are limited and successful registrants will be contacted by Friday November 23, 2018.

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