Evidence Commission panel at the Guidelines International Network (GIN) conference

How can we engage citizens, policymakers, funders and others in strengthening the global evidence architecture in ways that support the production and use of high-quality guidelines? This session at the Guidelines International Network conference shared insights from the Evidence Commission report, with the objective to discuss how the guidelines community can, and why it must, engage citizens, policymakers, funders and others in pushing for improvements to the global evidence architecture, particularly those that support the production and use of high-quality guidelines.

Watch insights shared at the conference from:

Download a PDF of the presentation slides.

The session included presentations that addressed:

  1. How do we engage citizen leaders and citizen-serving NGOs in leveraging guidelines to make evidence part of everyday life?
  2. How do we engage government policymakers and organization leaders in bringing the same rigour to their expert panels as the clinical-practice guideline community has brought to clinical expert panels?
  3. How do we engage funders in supporting the evidence-related global public goods (especially high-quality living evidence syntheses) needed as inputs to both global guidelines and national (and sub-national) guidelines, as well as living guidelines?

Each of these presentations was used to kick off discussions on these topics. A final concluding discussion tackled the broader issue of what we can do to capitalize on this once-in-a-generation opportunity to dramatically improve the use of evidence to address societal challenges.

Speakers included:

  • Dr. Gillian Leng
  • Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw
  • Dr. Julian Elliott
  • Ms. Maureen Smith
  • Dr. Ivan Florez

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