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Through our various courses, public events, webinars and more, we can help you to learn how to make more evidence-informed decisions (or how support others in doing so).


Here is what past participants have said about our training programs:

“It will improve substantially the quality of advice that we provide on disaster risk reduction policies.”
Policy advisor on Emergency Preparedness and DRR from the Pan-American Health Organization

"Any advice to my boss will [now] be evidence based....”
Policymaker who attended an international workshop delivered to staff from a Ministry of Health in the Middle East

“I now feel confident that I can effectively communicate key evidence findings to stakeholders, colleagues and public through different media. The concept of adapting research evidence found by others to solve a particular local situation was very significant to me.”
Knowledge Management specialist (Bioethics and Research) from the Pan-American Health Organization

“I will rethink the policy creation process....and reconsider how we engage in stakeholder dialogues in my field.”
Policymaker who attended a workshop delivered to policymakers and stakeholders from the Caribbean

"[I will now] utilize systematic reviews in my work, promote research in organized decision-making, and share research information to encourage others to use in their work.”
Stakeholder who attended a workshop delivered to staff from a large not-for-profit Canadian healthcare agency

“The entire workshop was extremely helpful. Loved when conceptual aspects were applied to [my government department’s] examples." 
Policymaker who attended a workshop delivered to staff at a Canadian provincial ministry of health

“I now have [awareness of] great new resources that I did not know existed.”
Policymaker who attended a workshop delivered to staff at the Manitoba Ministry of Health, Healthy Living and Seniors in collaboration with Research Manitoba


Here is what recent students have said about our courses, fellowships and scholarships:

“Health Systems & Health Policy offered us both an understanding of the political framework for policy decisions, as well as hands-on experience in exploring sources of evidence to support our policy. The policy projects that we developed in tutorial provided a solid foundation to build our two-pronged policy of expanding federal employment insurance and skills-retraining programs. Our exploration of core concepts, such as the role of stakeholder perspectives, and policy legacies allowed our proposal to stand out from other submissions.”
Student testimonial on the value of HTH SCI 3GG3: Health Systems & Health Policy towards their group’s successful Minister of Finance Post-Secondary Policy Forum submission, which brought them to Ottawa to spend time with the Primary Minister and Minister of Finance on the day they launched Budget 2017

“As a Forum Fellow, I was truly placed on the front lines of health system decision-making. The diverse opportunities provided by the Fellowship, from co-authoring a rapid synthesis for the British Columbia Ministry of Health to serving as Research Fellow in The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa, exposed me to a range of systems and stakeholders. These experiences, coupled with the mentorship of Mike, John and the rest of the Forum community, have solidified my commitment to meeting pressing health challenges creatively through the use of research evidence, laying the foundation for the rest of my career.”
Matthew Hughsam, 2015-16 Forum Fellow

“I am now more motivated and inspired to work even harder on my PhD thesis project because I had the chance through my internship to see the impact it might have on vulnerable populations around the world.”
Firas Khalid, PhD student and Queen Elizabeth Scholar

“[The Forum’s] Queen Elizabeth Scholars provided essential support in furthering evidence-informed health policy in Malawi by assisting in the completion of three national-level evidence briefs for policy and participating in the corresponding policy dialogues. We are already seeing work that they completed being taken forward. A rapid response service is being further explored by the Government of Malawi.”
Dignitas International

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