Learn How | Citizens

Want to better understand how health and social systems work and how you can better advocate for changes that would improve the health and social systems for you and your family? Enhance your knowledge with one of our offerings:

  • Citizen online courses – free courses to inform and empower citizens, helping them to better navigate the health system and to advocate for improvements
  • Webinars – insights into how citizens can help to strengthen health and social systems and to get the right programs, services and products to those who need them
  • Masterclass - designed to prepare future champions for the conduct and use of patient-oriented research
  • Public events - to support learning about ways to address pressing health- and social-system issues
  • Ontario’s health system book – key insights for engaged citizens, as well as for professionals and policymakers

Better understand health- and social-systems so you can make a difference.

Beyond our learning opportunities, we can also help you to: